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2048 apk app is one of the trending game running all over the internet which requires your mind to create your final 2048 to win. Each number is multiplied by itself to form a bigger number and is a mind game usually played by enthusiast and working people to enhance and change there mood while working.

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2048 is a game developed for every available OS. This post is for android app of 2048 apk.

2048 Apk Overview:

The app is very simple to use and is a puzzle and technique game where you have to put all your mind and has to create and multiply a number to 2048 to win the game.

A little trick to the game is always keep the bigger number at the bottom of the cube it will really help you win the game. Just like other mind and puzzle game it is also a luck and mind both at the same time.

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2048 Android App Details:

App 2048 Android Apk
Size4 MB

2048 Android Game Features:

The available features of 2048 apk are as it is completely free to play offline game with lot of fun and requires lot of mental strength.

A really easy and valuable time pass game.

It requires lot of patience and thinking while playing 2048.